Monday, November 14, 2011

Financially drained

We completed that Central AC replacement last week, the replacement is done but we have to have the work inspected by the city inspector. If work isn't done w/in 30 days, the AC company won't be responsible for any additional work that the city might require. The thing is, the super is going on vacation end of this week so we're kinda limited when it comes to scheduling options. I hope that the city inspector is more flexible.

I finally got the super to check out that leak in our bathroom ceiling. Unfortunately, it is as I feared. The leak is coming from a hole in the vent - super says that that vent is our bathroom vent but I touched it and I know what it is, it's our dryer vent. This brings to mind what that home inspection report told me years ago when I purchased this condo, that the "dryer is improperly vented". I always thought that it didn't have a proper vent in the sense that it went into the wall and then there was no vent, but seeing this now and after doing some bit of research, I see that the problem is that the vent used was the flexible metallic type (the one like an accordion) and new bldg code requires that a semi-rigid aluminum material be used.

Now, the question is, how much are we willing to pay to retain the use of our in-unit dryer ? That will determine our threshold for the repair budget. Worst case, we can always do the long trek to the laundry room on laundry day (at least, we don't have to drive to another location just to do laundry, thank goodness for small blessings!).

When I consider that we've just dropped $6k on central AC and that we're looking to spend another $1500 (per our superintendent), add that to the fact that I still do not have a full-time, permanent job... *sigh*

Times like these make me want to just sit in a corner, curl up and close my eyes.

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