Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My boy

I still cannot imagine that I have been a SAHM for half a year now.

When I got laid off two weeks after giving birth to my son, I realized that I was being given the perfect opportunity to be a full time mom. I didn't even attempt to delude myself into thinking that I'd find a new position easily since the economy was in recession (i.e. fewer available jobs in my line of work).

I figured, I'd do whatever I can to market myself - resumes, job postings, etc - but that I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself if things didn't go so well on the job-hunt. I will consider it a blessing whether or not I find a job. If I get employment, the added income will be a blessing and if I don't, the additional time that I get to spend with my son and personally see to his care is an even greater blessing.

So now, we're at the 6 month mark. Swe-cha is so big now and is doing a lot of things. He's turning, rolling, creeping and jumping all over the place, he babbles and makes a lot of different sounds too. Time really did go by fast (it is said that this happens when you're enjoying yourself). I still do not have anything concrete on the job-hunt side but I'm thinking that I'm going to have to start looking at daycare facilities in the next few days or weeks just so we're ready in case something comes up. Thinking about it is making me tear up right now, I'm sure that those first few days that we're apart is going to be hard on both of us, I'll cry for sure! I keep thinking that my baby is such a big boy now. Gosh, if I blink my eyes, he might be going on dates and asking about Sweet things to say to your girlfriend!

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