Sunday, April 24, 2016

Six Flags Great Adventure

Given that Swe-cha enjoyed the theme park rides when we went to Sea World & Universal Studios last December, we decided to splurge and go for a season's pass to Six Flags Great Adventure this year.

It also seemed like a good deal because with the following price matrix, we figured that if we went twice, we'd already be ahead with the Season Pass. What cinched the deal was the additional free Season parking pass that we were able to get. Sobrang sulit na to get the season pass because we'd already be saving ourselves $50 (cost of 2 days' parking) by our 2nd trip.

Daily tickets (gate price)$69.99
Daily tickets at discounted price from SixFlags website$44.99
Daily tickets from Working Advantage$41.99
Parking (gate price)$25
Parking (pre-paid online)$23.75
Season Parking$65
Season Pass$81.99

We went for the first time this morning. The weather was great, temps were in the mid 60s so it was just the perfect day (for us) to be walking under the sun. The only fly in the ointment was that the allergy index must have very high today because we were all sneezing and suffering itchy eyes and runny noses before we even got there. Hubby and I we a bit luckier because I had an emergency stash of Claritin (allergy meds) in my bag. I didn't have any for kids (note to self, bring some!). It didn't take long for Swe-cha to become slightly sungit because he was very uncomfortable.

When we looked at the time when we were leaving, we were surprised that we had stayed there 3 hours - it was exactly what I had predicted that morning when hubby asked me how long we planned on staying. I had told him "3 hours, maybe. we'll just play it by ear"

Rides taken:
- Carousel
- Skyway (cable car)
- Air Safari
- Road Runner Railway
- Taz's Tornado
- Bugs Bunny Camp Carousel
- Runaway Mine Train
- Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train (soon to be renamed the Harley Quinn Crazy Train)

I think there are one or two more rides that we did which aren't on the website,

Looking forward to our next trip, we plan on getting on Skull Mountain, The Dark Knight and the Safari ride.

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