Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tambour Door

See that picture ?

That, my friends, is a Tambour Door.

For the longest time, we just called this a plain ol' roll-up door. Sometimes, we call it the appliance garage roll-up thingie.

Anyway, we have two of these corner appliance garages in our kitchen. One of them was broken when we moved in and we never made any effort to fix it. The end that's attached to the dowel has become detached so when the door is open, the rest of the door dangles in the back.

Tonight, I found hubby trying to fix it when I got home.  (Finally!)

Being a typical man, he went about it in brute force fashion. Kung ano ano ginagawa nya trying to attach it back.

In typical me-fashion, I decided to consult my friends Google and YouTube. We learned a couple of new things today.

(1) The proper name for this is a Tambour Door.

(2) We learned how to attach it correctly. If we hadn't found instructions nor watched the installation video we found in YouTube, there was no way that we can ever guess how to install it - we'd give up in frustration first!

(3) Since we're fixing a door that's already attached, we needed 4 hands :)

As we were testing our fix by rolling the tambour door up and down, hubby kept muttering "2 years!" under his breath.

When we were satisfied (and ecstatic) that everything was working great, he gleefully exclaimed one more time, "TWO YEARS!".

Yes, we ignored this for 2 years. Kaya naman namin, we just have to put our minds to it.

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