Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day!

Q: What do the most macho fathers do on father's day ?

A: They use the newly-bought power tool (whoohoo!), a reciprocating saw, to cut down dead tree branches.

The dead tree was cut down last week by the crew who were installing the solar panels but they left it for us to clean up. The branches had to be cut down into shorter lengths and bundled up so they can be picked up by the city on Wednesday (our day for yard-waste collection).

My initial thought was to buy a hand-axe or a hatchet so we can just use the palakol to cut the tree down into smaller pieces. Hubby, always on the lookout for an easier way, suggested we get a reciprocating saw instead.

We had fun shopping at Harbor freight tools. We got this and a hedge trimmer for such a great price. Don't really know if they'll stand up to heavy-duty use, but for ocassional DIYers like us, having access to affordable tools is great.

For ~$24 (and it also came with a free LED light), the saw is already sulit as getting someone to come in to do it will surely cost much more.

Note that we've been trying to get someone to come over to prune our hedges and to cut down these undesireable & dead trees, the first landscaper never showed up (the ones who did our spring cleanup last year). We have called 5 more landscapers to date and none have called us back. I think it's probably because our job is too small and this is their peak season

... as I finish typing this post, I hear our garage door opening, hubby is taking out the lawn mower pala and plan to trim the grass too. (Yay!).

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