Friday, August 17, 2012

SPAM Mail at Work

Today, I stepped out of my "desk" (home office) for a few minutes and got back to tons of emails in my inbox.

Apparently, someone had sent out some billing information to the wrong distribution list and it was sent out to everybody by mistake. One lady started by replying to all & asking "am I supposed to be in this email ?" and pretty soon, a lot more people were replying to all & saying "I'm not supposed to be in this list" and "me too!"

There were also a lot of emails that said "PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ALL" in big bold letters which, ironically, the senders also sent out to everybody by replying-all.

I don't envy the original sender the damage control that he has to do because he did send out potentially confidential information to everybody - no, I did not read the original email so he has 1 less person to worry about. Can't imagine making a mistake on a more global level than this. :(

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