Friday, March 2, 2012

Defensive driver

I did our grocery shopping yesterday and since I didn't have anything lined up for the day & Swe-cha is in daycare, I had plenty of time to make my rounds of the shop (grabe, we were missing so staples at home already!) & drop by some suppliers to pick up stock for SavyMommy.

My day yesterday worked out so well that I'm wondering why I never thought of doing this before? Why did I always want to squeeze market day & SavyMommy errands in a few hours on a weekend morning ? I don't know what I was thinking.

I also passed by Toys R Us to buy a Little Tikes table & chairs set for Swe-cha (a gift from his A-i) and I just stuffed the huge box in the back of our SUV. I didn't realize, until yesterday, how much I actually use my rearview mirror until I felt the frustration of not being able to see out the whole window because the box was obstructing about 1/4 of it. My dad will be so proud of my driving skills.

As he always used to say during our driving lessons, "use your rearview and side mirrors, bagitong driver lang ang parating nakatingin sa harap, bagito ka ba ?" and just to make sure, he will quiz me randomly, "don't look, what car is behind you ?" Ganon raw ang defensive driver.

O ayan. *hollers* I look ah :) Dad trained me so well that even when I'm not driving, I find myself being defensive as well.

I stopped at McDonald's to fix the box...

.... and for some burger, fries and a sweet tea - in fairness, yesterday was about efficiency. I planned my routes well para "on the way" lahat and in that spirit, it seemed right to eat na rin at McD since I was there anyway. *defensive* --> o, diba ? =)


As it turns out, we have to exchange the table. I didn't find out, until I got home and was wiping the table / chairs w/ Lysol, that the table has a very deep scratch across the surface.

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