Friday, December 30, 2011


We flew to California (the trip was a last minute decision, hubby was asked to go on a business trip at work and I didn't want to be alone w/ Swe-cha all that time) a few weeks ago and were able to spend Swe-cha's 2nd birthday and Christmas with family.

Ang saya!

While we had a blast being with family, especially during those important events, I will not deny that it does feel good to be finally be home and be in our own space again.

But spending some weeks at Achi's has made us feel cramped in our condo. We can't wait until we are able to move to a house - ideally, we'd love to have 4 bedrooms and a home office. Imagine all that space to run around in (and wrestle giant teddy bears*), Swe-cha will love it for sure!

* a great aunt gifted Swe-cha with a teddy bear that is bigger than him, we had to leave it behind in California as it didn't make sense to lug it all the way to NJ.

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